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Nothing compares to the adrenaline-infused excitement of riding on a highway without speed limits, driving over 150 mph in a vigorous high-speed muscle car. Red Line watches capture this exhilarating experience with their dynamic, muscular good looks and precision craftsmanship. Put your wrist in motion with a Red Line watch!

“No Limits” ™

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Crafting high quality watches


We are independent watchmakers who create and design our very own watches. Our team of expert designers has over 30 years of industry experience and takes great personal pride in designing and producing our watches.


Whether 3-hand, chronograph, or multifunction, we use high-quality movements in all of our watches – the same movements that can be found in competitors’ products that cost up to 10X more than our watches.


All of our watches pair the finest premium-grade components and materials with state-of-the-art production techniques. Our focus is always on delivering watches of the highest aesthetic and functional value.


Our watches are expertly crafted and hand-assembled in some of the finest production facilities worldwide. Each watch takes several months to design, produce, assemble and test, before arriving on your wrist.